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About us?

We are a Spanish school in Mexico, where we specialize in teaching the Spanish language and Latin American culture.

Committed to excellence and human values that lead us to be better and more passionate in our work, thus inspiring students of the Spanish language to live an experience with us.



Evoke moments of optimism, experiences and knowledge.


Yo Amo El Español is an invitation and a tribute to Mexican culture and the Spanish language. It is the valuable testimony of a popular culture looking in the mirror of the world. It is an invitation to travel the roads of a Mexico that looks at the modern world through the eyes of its history, its traditions, its cultural plurality and its ethnic multiplicity.




To become the leading Spanish Academy of the Bajío in Mexico, committed to our values for continuous improvement, being an excellent place to work, where our staff is inspired to give their best and thus achieve goals, such as, headquarters in different countries in Europe and Asia.

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